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Google Analytics – What’s the difference between Sessions, Users & Page views?

Google Analytics – What’s the difference between Sessions, Users & Page views?


Some of you will never use Google Analytics and others will be just boggled by it’s terminology.

This simple post explains the most common question regarding the differences between Sessions, Users & Page views.


Sessions: This is how many times one user will interact with your website.

Users: This counts how many users visit your website.

Page view: This counts how many web pages are viewed.

Example in Practice

On February 5th I am on google looking for a design agency in leeds, I find Punch Creative’s website and click the link.

I visit the homepage, the web design page and the graphic design page.

Let’s say that i’m the only one to visit the site that day the results would be:

Sessions: 1
Users: 1
Pageviews: 3

So as you can see that I have created a session, I am the only user and I have viewed 3 pages.

Okay lets say I visit the site the next day and I view the same pages again the results would be:

Sessions : 2
Users: 1
Pageviews: 6

Sessions reset at the end of the day or if the user has been idle after 30 mins. Most browsers will store cookies so the site will register me as a returned user unless I clear my cookies. If I was to use my mobile in the same day it will most likely not recognise me and register this as two users. And then page view will always count the pages that have been viewed (it’s that simple)

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