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Morrisons responsive blog website

Morrisons responsive blog website

I know we like to labour a point – but sometimes it is worth labouring…

When it comes to multi device – or responsive – websites we think this is a case in point. To recap, responsive websites adapt to the screen you are viewing the content on. So, whether this is a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, the website will essentially fold down to the screen format, still giving the full navigation options and all content.

The example we recently worked on for Morrisons was a good case study to show this. M Kitchen is their food brand, and the M Kitchen blog website we were asked to work on is the online brand presence we developed to deliver quality content about all things food related.

The main screen view looks very much like a normal website. Built in WordPress with a comprehensive CMS to allow new content to be added when required in terms of copy, images and video. The layout was proposed to give it a scrap book feel and people know they can return as users to see fresh online content as it is regularly updated.

When viewed on a mobile device (see below) the website reduces in width to give users the full content experience with more mobile friendly functions. For example, the main navigation is a simple drop down menu so people can access all information without having to pinch and zoom their screens to access fiddly buttons…

Developing the website with responsive functionality was crucial in engaging with users on the go. So, as content is added or social media activity drives people to the main website their online experience is not disconnected by a desktop only website. Continuing this seamless user journey has been crucial for people to successfully interact with the website.

The MKitchen website is a good example of how responsive websites are being used to encourage a target audience to engage with online content wherever they are. As the use of mobile and tablet devices continues to grow this is a trend that will only become more and more relevant for brands to provide an effective online experience for their users.

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