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7 Podcasts You Need to Listen To This Year

7 Podcasts You Need to Listen To This Year

There is no doubt about it, we love a good podcast here at our Leeds digital agency. This month, we’ve asked the Punch Bunch for their podcast recommendations. From marketing and work culture to film, mental health and gender issues, here’s a rundown of our favourites…


Super Mega Cast


 “A group of animators, artists and voice actors that came about during the Newgrounds era of the internet. The group talks utter nonsense, not an ideal podcast for those that are easily offended, but if you want a laugh, they’re hilarious and untethered.” – Matt


 Eat Sleep Work Repeat


 “Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I find it really interesting how the culture has changed. I’ve worked for “uncompromising” bosses so understand the detriment it can have to a company’s culture. This podcast gave me an insight into how to improve work-life balance, culture and relationships!” – Helen


 Group Podcast


 “I find the human mind fascinating, and love to listen to psychology podcasts. A good one that I’ve listened to recently is ‘Group’, every week they discuss different mental illnesses and interview real people that suffer with them. If you want to educate yourself more on mental health, this podcast is a great way to do that!” – Sophie


The Science of Social Media – Buffer Podcast


“Every week the team at Buffer share social media marketing tips and strategies from brands and businesses in a variety of industries. It is my weekly dose of industry inspiration and I often listen first thing on a Monday so I can incorporate what I’ve learnt into our client’s social media strategies. It’s great because whether you’re working as part of a large social media team or just experimenting with marketing your business on social media these tips are appropriate for everyone.” – Emma


That Peter Crouch Podcast


 “A light-hearted insight into life as a footballer, Chris Stark and Tom Fordcye interview Peter Crouch about his time in the game. This podcast is easy listening and, as a sports fan, is right up my street!” – Andy


The Guilty Feminist


“Compromising of weekly social challenge reports and guest stars such as Sarah Millican and Shappi Khorsandi, this podcast discusses feminism in a personable, light hearted and often self-deprecating fashion, traits which are not usually synonymous with movement from an outside perspective. So if you’re a feminist but still have some reservations, check it out!” – Bryony


Marketing Over Coffee


 “In our industry-led recommendation, the wonderful world of marketing is broken down each week into bite-sized, 20-minute chunks. Penn and Wall routinely cover old school marketing campaigns, organic SEO, email marketing and answer questions submitted by people working within the industry to solve their own problems. So grab your own coffee and join in on the hype!” – Jade