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Meet Jonny, our new Creative Designer!

Meet Jonny, our new Creative Designer!

We live for the exciting agency moments, and welcoming new, talented team members is one thing that will never get old. Say a huge hello to Jonny, the newest Creative Designer at our Leeds creative agency. As we do with all newbies, we got to know him a bit better over a good ol’ cuppa. 


In this Q & A, Jonny tells us what attracted him to Punch, his favourite creative campaign and most importantly, his brew & biscuit combo.


1.What attracted you to join our amazing agency? 


First of all, the 4-day week philosophy is amazing! It’s fantastic to see an agency promoting a healthier way to work, and looking after their employees so well. I also love being able to work directly with clients to solve their creative issues.


2. What do you love the most about being a Creative Designer?


I love the challenge of solving creative problems. Every client has a unique set of challenges, and my job is to use my expertise and understanding of different design practices to create a bespoke solution that fixes those issues. It’s great when a project comes together and delivers a real tangible change, and I live for those moments!


3. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you…


I’m a practising Christian! I’m usually at church more than once a week, and I’m a singer and songwriter for my church band (Life Worship). My music probably doesn’t sound how you’d expect – it’s quite modern and I’ve had the privilege of singing at the First Direct Arena in Leeds to over 5,000 people! *insert shameless Spotify plug here*​


4. What’s your favourite campaign from the last 12 months?


You can hardly call this a campaign (although I guess I am) but the awareness raised for BLM using the black squares and general guerrilla marketing on social media. Not only was this incredibly effective and widespread, but has had a genuine social impact all around the world. Design that makes the world a better place always stands above the rest for me.


5. Which creative folk should we follow on Instagram? 


Where to start?! @Baugasm, @Stefansagmeister, @ezcohen, @neonlimemagazine, @visualmelt, @aigaeyeondesign – and for my 2nd shameless plug of the day… follow @SC.SQ! It’s a personal project, which started in uni, that I’m still working on today, along with some podcasts and the usual IG content! 


6. What’s your fave biccie to have with a brew?


Shortbread. Underrated, but it’s my undisputed champion. Its hold under the stress of the liquid is commendable, and the tea flavour compliments it beautifully.