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Creative design for retail


Slater were referred to us by a mutual contact when they had identified the need for creative input in their brand direction. Our design team produced a concept pitch to demonstrate where we would like to take the brand, and as a result of that we were asked to provide support across a range of their front end retail print marketing.


Our main support to date has been design for  their print advertising campaigns to raise awareness of the brand nationwide. We also provide creative for their retail environments and direct campaigns for individual promotions such as the growing prom season market. Slaters is a brief that constantly changes because their product range covers a wide demographic and changes seasonally, so our design team is tasked with coming up with constantly fresh approaches to keep the Slaters brand moving and relevant to their retail audience.


Client support includes:

  • Creative design
  • Brand development
  • Product campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Print management

September 18, 2017