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Punch Creative brochure design receives rave expert review

Punch Creative brochure design receives rave expert review


Over the last few months we have been working closely with the team at Natural Pavings creating their 2013 product brochure.

This brochure was launched to the general public last month and was picked up and reviewed by

Here’s a few sound bites from their review – you can read the full review here

[blockquote]The balance between images and text is also vastly improved from last year, with good, clear descriptions…[/blockquote]


[blockquote]Throughout, there is a light and airy feel, nothing too formal, nothing too outrageous. There’s an enjoyable mix of projects from grand designs to small back yards; courtyards, cottages and castles, all can benefit from Natural Paving’s products…[/blockquote]


[blockquote]The brochure is more-or-less spot on as a sales tool. It contains all the information needed by clients and contractors alike, with ample photies of both products and inspirational ideas…[/blockquote]


[blockquote]It oozes quality and charm; it projects NP as a genuine top-of-the pile supplier; and it is a joy to share with clients. Watch their faces when you place it in front of them and they flick through, page by page, smiling with pleasure as they see the possibilities unfold before them. That’s when you know it’s a bloody good brochure![/blockquote]


[blockquote]Contractors need it not just because it has some wonderfully inspirational ideas but mainly because it is a truly wonderful sales aid. I dare you: browse the Natural Paving 2013 brochure and try not to be impressed![/blockquote]


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