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Why copywriting is so much more than words.

Why copywriting is so much more than words.

Did you know 74% of web readers pay attention to quality copy, spelling and grammar?


Copywriting is a tool used in marketing, whereby writing is used to engage, resonate and evoke emotion. Words can be persuasive. Take it from me.


Take this copy right here for instance – you’ve only read up to here and I’ve already taught you a statistic, what service I can provide and why you need it. I’ve sold myself and my job is done. Kinda.


In this blog, I reveal why copywriting is so important in the world of marketing and why every business needs it.


Quality over quirky.


Bad quality copy = bad quality brand. Ever forgotten to differentiate between ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’? Or not known whether to write ‘one’ as a number or a letter? You might think these things don’t matter, but they really, really do!  


We’ve all been on a website that has the words shoddily strewn together, typos all over the place and no reasoning behind the text. These websites are perceived like the grotty alleyway of Google, an untrustworthy and virus-ridden no man’s land. This is the impact of words, ladies and gents.


Websites with good copy have a whole different sort of vibe. They live and breathe professionalism and tell you what you want to know right away. We trust them with our lives and money – and who doesn’t want in on that?


Talk to me in that tone of voice.


If you were talking to a friend and you said something out of character, it would sound strange, right? They’d feel concerned, confused and like they don’t even know you. This works in the same way with copywriting.


Good copywriting maintains a specific tone of voice, which is tailored to your brand and should always remain consistent. This should incorporate your brand’s style, personality and beliefs, as well as connecting you to your audience.


How do you want your audience to feel about your brand? What words and phrases do you not want to use? What sort of language do your competitors use? These are all things you need to consider when establishing your tone of voice.


Don’t wing it, hire a wingman.


Ultimately, a good copywriter should work as your on-hand wingman (or woman!) to improve your image and big up your brand. Not only that, but their writing should be able to create direct sales and conversions.


One huge thing to consider is that the right copywriting can actually dramatically improve your SEO, which can increase brand visibility. According to Andrey Lipattsev, Partner Development Manager at Google, high-quality content is one of the most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search. 


High-quality copy, popping in the right keywords and other SEO tactics should be used. Instead of taking a gamble with your optimisation, team up with a copywriter who understands it and can deliver tangible results.


So there you have it! Copywriting is so much more than words, it can bring quality, reassurance, results and more to your business. And, if you’ve read all of this blog, I’ve done my job right and convinced you to do one of the things I wanted you to. 


Thanks a bunch.


Written by Zoe Perkin, Junior Marketing Executive.